Madison Vandenburg came home to family and friends with the entire Shaker High School to cheer her on. By now, most of us have seen her amazing performances on American Idol as she has made her way into the final three.

The entire Shaker High School chorus turned out to serenade Madison as she walked into her school as she reunited with friends and teachers before meeting up in the gym. Madison wowed all of us by reprising Fallin', one of the songs she performed on the show as she made her way through the Top 8 and into the show's finale.

The finale airs this Sunday at 8:00 pm on ABC. We're all rallied behind Madison and ready to vote. You can vote three ways, by texting '8' to 21523, you can vote online at and by using the American Idol App. You can vote up to 10 times with each method, which means you can contribute 30 votes to Madison. We're all going to put in our 30!

We were at the school and got some amazing photos and video of her homecoming. Watch her reaction to seeing the entire school turned out to support her:

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