My mother would never have done this!!! In case you didn't know her... she was a lunch lady at Chenango Valley High School.

This woman, 1st name: Fadwa... is from Alexandria, Virginia, works as a lunch lady at an elementary school. Sadly and living up to an age old cliche... she was just busted for stealing kids' lunch money. Now, hold on. She wasn't shoving them against lockers or tipping them upside down and shaking their pockets out in to the hallway while her cronies gathered it up.

The kids today pay for lunch with electronic accounts, and Fadwa was in charge of adding money to them when the kids would bring in cash or a check. Somehow she figured out a way to mess with the records so she could pocket thousands of dollars over the past three years.  Someone caught her in the middle of her dastardly deals and she confessed. Turning herself in on Friday on three counts of embezzlement.

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