Luke Combs might just have a new on-the-road companion when he gets back out on the road this year. Speaking with Taste of Country Nights, the country star shared a few interesting tidbits about life in quarantine, how he and his wife Nicole are enjoying married life ... and the possibility of taking a cow on the road.

ToC Nights hosts Evan and Amber joke with Combs that perhaps Nicole might enjoy keeping cows like the kind Jon Pardi got his wife, Summer, for Christmas. "The little, tiny ones -- I think [Nicole] would love something like that on the road," they tell him.

"Aw, man, don’t tell her that," Combs replies. "She already wants cows.

"You know who it's gonna be out shoveling the manure? It’s gonna be me, probably," he adds. "The gift that keeps on giving in more than one way."

Combs' concert calendar fills back up beginning in mid-June, but during the COVID-19 pandemic, he shares, he's been able to spend plenty of time with friends from high school. He admits that while he appreciates that no one ever bombarded him with a, "Dude, play a couple" request, he also sometimes thinks, "Man, nobody wants to hear a song?"

After all, he's got plenty of hits. Combs recently earned his 11th consecutive No. 1 single -- a streak that dates all the way back to his debut, "Hurricane." Even still, he always tries to mark the occasion.

"I try to just text the guys I write with and tell them thanks for writing it with me and thanks for contributing to my thing," Combs shas. "I’m just real close to everybody I write with. I think we’re a few No. 1 parties behind now, so we’re working on that.

"I try to take it in and be thankful," he adds. "Go out to dinner with my wife and have a nice glass of whiskey or something like that."

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