Believe it or not, every love song Luke Combs writes and releases isn't about his wife Nicole Hocking — but some of the best ones are. The singer and 2021 country music headliner has been married for just a short time, but his list of songs written to his then-girlfriend, now wife is growing almost as fast as his tally of No. 1s.

In teasing a new song called "Forever After All," the "Hurricane" singer indicated it, too, was inspired by Hocking, whom Combs first met and became romantically involved with in 2016. She's been by his side as he went from broke country newcomer to one of the hottest country stars on the planet. The North Carolina native's rise on stage and on the radio — including a record nine straight No. 1 songs to begin his career — is without much precedent.

Previous relationships have certainly shown up in a few of Combs' hits, but perhaps not the songs you'd immediately suspect. Taste of Country dug deep to find the story behind the lyrics of many of his best and most well-known songs about love and heartache, as well as a few deep cuts. At least one of the songs below is among country music's all-time greatest love songs.

One figures the "Luke Combs' Songs About His Wife" list will grow longer as their relationship matures. The couple married on Aug. 1 after an 18-month engagement. She also has worked in the music industry, for publisher BMI. However in recent interviews he's indicated she no longer works full time.

Which Luke Combs' Songs Were Inspired By Wife Nicole Hocking? And Which Weren't?

Which Luke Combs' Songs Inspired By His Wife?

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