They say couples who are together for a  long time start to look like each other. Luke Combs' fiancée, Nicole Hocking, decided to rush that theory along a bit by donning what might be the funniest Halloween costume of 2019.

Hocking decided to be her sweetheart for the holiday, with hilarious results. She threw on a baggy black shirt, jeans, ball cap and added some little details such as fake tattoos and beard scruff. "My beard needs a lil work," she admitted, giving fans a selection of pics showing off her handiwork (scroll to see her goofy mug while dancing).

Combs seemed to approve of the "tribute," but when it came down to it, the singer decided that another "Combs costume" won Halloween—namely that of a young fan who adorably decked himself out in a red beard, cap, black shirt and guitar; complete with a "Luke" strap and the G-rated motto "Root Beer Never Broke My Heart."

"Saw a lot of good ones, but think Rhett wins! Looking good buddy," Combs praised the getup. Meanwhile Hocking groused, "Livid. But I get it."

Combs and Hocking got engaged in 2018 and have been together since 2016 ("I didn't have anything [career-wise] when we met," Combs tells People). She works for the music rights management organization BMI, and is a native of Fort Myers, Fla., and a graduate of Florida Gulf Coast University.

Combs and Hocking have not shared much about their wedding plans, but they have already adopted a dog together to further seal their bond.

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