Luke Bryan helped one couple make the memory of a lifetime at his concert on Aug. 19.

Bryan was performing at Saratoga Performing Arts Center in Saratoga Springs, N.Y., when he invited a couple onstage for a very special moment. Erin Adams was in the audience with her boyfriend, Will Brickwedel, when he got down on one knee and started to propose, and when Bryan spotted the moment taking place, he invited the couple to the stage, yielding the mic so they could have their special moment in front of everyone.

In the video above, captured by Jess Sims of the morning show on WGNA in Albany, the stunned woman repeatedly cradles her head in her arms in disbelief as Bryan helps her and her boyfriend onstage. She loses it even more as he drops to one knee in front of the entire concert audience to propose, but the best part may be when Bryan comically dances over to them, sashaying up to take the mic and ask, "Was that a yes?"

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Adams posted to Facebook that she "almost passed out" from the intense moment, which turned out to be so sweet. In fact, the couple may replay the moment for their actual wedding.

"And now that we believe Luke Bryan is coming back next year....seems fitting that it could be the perfect wedding night," Adams writes on Facebook. "REUNION and everyone is invited back!!!! Open invitation. #Epic!!! I think that could work. Lol."

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