Luke Bryan's birthday is Wednesday (July 17), and his wife Caroline didn't forget. She also didn't get the 43-year-old anything, except for a poem and a little name calling.

Caroline's InstaStory and Instagram posts were surely in good fun. "Happy Birthday Stupid!" she writes on Stories. You see she's wearing a shirt that says "I'm with stupid" and there's an arrow pointing at the "Knockin' Boots" singer. That doesn't really make it sweet in most romance textbooks, but hey, everybody loves different.

On her Instagram wall, Mrs. Bryan shared a sweet, if honest, message. "Roses are red, violets are pleasant, you have everything ... so you get no present," she writes.


"Happy birthday Love Bug!!! I love you to the moon and back," she adds in her caption. "Here’s to another year of completely random, classy pictures." Ten photos showing the couple in 10 strange outfits — or with crazy faces — follow. A few other guests appear throughout the social media missive.

Caroline may be right. Between song and album sales, touring and American Idol, the singer can afford to buy just about anything he wants short of the Dallas Cowboys. Bryan is currently on the Sunset Repeat Tour, but will once again make the rounds on the Farm Tour this fall. He's not officially confirmed to return as a judge on American Idol, but made it seem like he was very interested during a media session this spring.

Musically, "Knockin' Boots" is the first single from an upcoming album.

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