As a mother to a little boy not much younger than Maddox Lawrence and as a human with a soul, I am deeply shaken by the tragedy bestowed on this 21-month-old angel.

The story is almost too much to bear. A father filled with jealousy over the attention his daughter was receiving from his wife ran with his little girl, murdered, burned and buried her all before any of us even knew Maddox was taken. reports that this monster killed Maddox in Labrador Hollow in Cortland County and then drove her to Syracuse where he hid her remains in Onondaga Creek.

There is simply no way to fathom what Morgan Lawrence, the mother of Maddox, is going through. None. The terror she must have felt when she realized something was wrong and the sorrow she feels now, knowing she will never hold her child in her arms again.

According to, the father indicated to police that he was jealous of the attention his daughter was receiving from his wife and that is what set all of this in motion. Police state that he left a message for his wife that sent up red flags and tipped them off that perhaps he wasn't thinking with a clear mind and that something might be horribly wrong.

Please, if you're considering having children and are someone who needs a lot of attention and all of the time, I beg you to reconsider your choice. Kids take up every minute of every day and require so much attention.

In honor of the memory Maddox Lawrence and the life she deserved, but will never get the chance to live, I ask that you consider leaving your porch light on for three days- the same number of days the world searched and prayed for this innocent baby girl.

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