I drove to the bank with my windows down today. I repeat: I DROVE TO THE BANK WITH MY WINDOWS DOWN TODAY!

I also didn’t have to wear a jacket. There is also a little more light outside when I leave work.

Is Spring in the air? I sure hope so.

Now, I know that Pennsylvania Groundhog may have told us differently, and yes there may be snow in the forecast this weekend, but that’s not getting me down.

The early signs of Spring are abundant.

When I crank my country music up and have my windows down I get giddy. I love the Spring. Its not too hot out where I’ll sweat with every step I take, and its not too cold where I need a jacket just to go take my trash out.

Pitchers and catchers have reported for Major League Baseball Spring Training, and the Rumble Ponies are releasing their promotional calendar.

There really is nothing better than watching a baseball game on a cool Spring night.

There is just a little more sun when I leave the station, and it brightens my spirits. When I can come to work with the sun shining and leave with it shining, it makes my day that much better.

Breweries are releasing their Springtime brews and shandys, and department stores are running their Spring sale event commercials.


Its full steam ahead to April showers and May flowers.

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