Survey says ... Lee Brice and Jerrod Niemann will be appearing on Celebrity Family Feud this summer! The two country stars will compete against each other during a Season 3 episode of the show.

Labelmates and good friends, Niemann and Brice will bring their families and friends with them to play Celebrity Family Feud, which airs on ABC and is hosted by Steve Harvey. The winner, ABC News Radio reports, will earn $25,000 for their charity of choice; Brice will be donating to Folds of Honor if he wins, while Niemann will give the money to the USO if he wins.

“Lee and I have been good friends for about 15 years now," Niemann explains to The Boot. "We moved to Nashville about the same time, along with Jamey Johnson, Randy Houser and those guys. Everybody is still really tight, but with Lee and I, there are so many similarities … That was cool to be able to go through struggles together, seeing the best and the worst of what this world has to offer, and be there for each other as friends.”

In the spring of 2016, Niemann and Brice collaborated on a single, "A Little More Love." It was Brice who initially found the song; he offered it up to Niemann to record solo, then realized that maybe he wanted to record it himself instead.

“We always talked about recording music together, so we thought, ‘Why don’t we go do it? Just figure it out?’” Niemann says. “We went old school: We stood in the same room. We used two different mics, but we sang at the same time, like back in the day when you had to. It made it way cooler, I guess, the vibe of being there together and capturing the essence of the hang in the studio.”

Celebrity Family Feud's third season will begin on June 11; new episodes will air each Sunday night at 8PM ET. In addition to Brice and Niemann, Kelly Clarkson will appear on the show in Season 3; she'll face off against Amy Schumer.

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