This week on American Idol, a new challenge is ushered in: 12 of the Top 24 will perform solos in front of the judges, as well as a live Los Angeles audience. Making things interesting, the singers were mentored prior to their appearances by country music personality Bobby Bones.

This of course means that country music fans will be anticipating some extra special oomph in terms of the country-related contestants. Sunday evening, it looks as if Layla Spring pulled to the forefront in this category, delivering a performance of Martina McBride's "Broken Wing."

Bones was the perfect mentor in this case, complimenting Spring on her youthful charm and calling on country's Lauren Alaina, to give some phoned-in advice (she suggested building on the show's momentum). It all worked out beautifully. Judge Luke Bryan, who knows a thing or two about this genre, posted on social media: "America will have Layla Fever."

Indeed, he could be right, based on what judge Lionel Richie confirmed, "You killed it. You killed it."

Judge Katy Perry marveled: "A couple of those notes, you made us feel them in our gut ... you've grown leaps and bounds from when we first met you."

Bryan himself noted, "A big reason why you're here is that you're infectious."

Tune in tomorrow to see how the rest of the contestants fared. What did you think of Spring's performance?

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