It was an emotional day for Lauren Alaina as she took the stage at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville on Thursday (Feb. 23) for Universal Music Group's luncheon, part of the 2017 Country Radio Seminar. The singer got a standing ovation from the crowd after performing "Three," a powerful song from her new album, Road Less Traveled.

After thanking the industry audience for the success of her sixth country single, "Road Less Traveled," which is currently in the Top 10, and for sticking by her side throughout the past six years, Alaina introduced her friend Seth Ennis to the stage to assist on piano for a poignant performance of "Three."

Prefacing the song, Alaina promised to try her best to fight back tears, but the message within the lyrics always gets her emotional. Co-written by Alaina, Ennis and Jordan Reynolds, "Three" discusses the hardships that come with chasing the dream of having a music career. Missed birthdays, church services and important moments spent with loved ones are at the heart of the song. The message struck a chord as Alaina received a standing ovation following her powerful performance at the Mother Church. Watch her sing the song in its entirety above.

“It’s probably my favorite song I’ve ever written,” Alaina tells Taste of Country Nights of the track. “I’ve written a lot, but it’s just super personal. I wrote it for my family and for my fans, and for myself. It’s one of those songs where I just talked about what I’ve done over the last six years, and the sacrifices I’ve made to be in this music business, which is crazy and fast-paced, and out of town all the time. In a different hotel every day, and a different city, missing birthdays and missing things with my family. I wanted to write a song to tell them that I’ve missed them too, but I’m right where I’m supposed to be.”

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