Although Kip Moore has sold more than 4 million albums, racked up a No. 1 hit ("Somethin' 'Bout a Truck") and five more Top 20 singles, and headlined sold-out shows all over the country, the singer-songwriter only has two CMA Awards nominations to his name over his career.

That may not seem like an impressive or fair number, taking into account his other stats. However, this doesn't pose a problem for Moore. As he tells the Boot, he's simply too busy making music for his fans to worry much about accolades.

"It doesn’t faze me one bit," he says.

“I think that anybody, any artist, would find joy in being recognized, and I think that if I was up for something or to win something, of course it would be humbling, and I would be thankful," Moore adds. "But it doesn’t dictate how I feel. It’s not going to break me one way or the other.”

Moore released his third studio album, Slowheart, in September, which he put out after a self-imposed break from work, traveling to distant locales.

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