Kenny Chesney is coming to Albany in 2019 with something new.

“I wanted to change it up,” says Kenny. “Last year was so intense, and amazing. This year I wanted to strip things back a bit, and make it a little more intimate. I love reaching to the very top, the very back of a football stadium, but I also love the idea of really being able to see the back of the room.”

Chesney will see the back of Times Union Center when his 'Songs for the Saints' tour stops in Albany May 9th. And you can get tickets just in time for the holidays.

Tickets go on sale December, 7th at 10am. So if you have a Kenny Chesney fan on your Christmas list, this may be the perfect gift idea. Fits nicely in a stocking too.

“Sometimes it’s about stripping things back, and creating a different kind of experience. I’m fired up for 2019.”

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