We've all heard about Kelsea Ballerini. She's the newest female country artist, she's touring with Jana Kramer this summer. Her nickname is noodle and she's got an awesome song out called Love Me Like You Mean It.

Okay, so we know her, but have you seen her kick-butt video?!

I've got to fan-girl for a second because I totally love Kelsea Ballerini. At first, I wasn't sure about another female country artist (change clearly scares me), but boy, was I wrong! Kelsea Ballerini, or Noodle, as some call her is super talented and has great things in store for her.

Not only that, but she's hilariously awesome on social media! Yes, I follow her on...everything.... and you should, too. Her twitter handle and Instagram name are both @KelseaBallerini - how easy is that?

Check out her video for Love Me Like You Mean It below. You won't regret it!