Kane Brown finds new religion on "Worship You," his new single. The slow-burning love song is likely aimed at wife Katelyn Jae, and he sings it like a man who believes in their love like he believes in the Bible.

Vocally, Brown spends most of the chorus on the same plane after two relatively short verses that describe his better half's physical beauty. Brown wants to, "glorify every part of you, so bad," he shares in the build-up to the hook. It's thin innuendo set against the backdrop of God and religion, and it's the lyric most likely to define this new single from Mixtape, Vol. 1.

Brown and his songwriting/production team add traditional country instrumentation to a synth beat in a way that's consistent with how he has built his biggest hits to date. The song — while progressive lyrically — is one of his more classic-sounding offerings. The success of "Worship You" at country radio will ultimately depend on how the audience takes to his new urgency.

Did You Know?: Brown announced "Worship You" as his next single on Oct. 12, his wedding anniversary.

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Kane Brown's "Worship You" Lyrics: 

Your kisses have a higher power / Your body, baby it's divine / Every time I see you smile / It's like I've seen the light / Sleeping next to you is heaven / But you already know about that / Wanna glorify every part of you / So bad.

Don't get me wrong / I'm a God-fearing Christian man / But if you were a religion, then damn / I don't know what I'd do / I might have to worship you / I might have to sing your praise / I might have to go to church, yeah / Every single night and day / Yeah, I might have to hit my knees / 'Cause you lay it on me like the truth / And you love me like hallelujah / I might have to worship you / Yeah, I might have to worship you / I might have to worship you.

I ain't saying you can walk on water / Or that you can turn it into wine / But, girl, it feels like a miracle that you're mine.

Repeat Chorus

Repeat Chorus

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