Kane Brown singing along to Khalid on Twitter wasn't just him playing. The country singer has joined the R&B star on a remix of "Saturday Night," a song from Khalid's Suncity EP.

The remix of "Saturday Night" stays true to the original, with Brown singing a new second verse and then showing off his vocal skills on the bridge and later, choruses. It's a song of youthful expression and emotion that the "Lose It" singer struggles little to connect with.

At 25, he's just a few years older than Khalid. Both men are from Georgia.

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"Saturday nights, your works shoes are stilettos / Smell of cheap perfume / Makeup on your face, try to hide the pain / All the lies look like the truth / Deep in your heart, all you want is love / But you never felt good enough / You got wrapped up in other plans / But this ain't the way the story ends," Brown sings before a pleasantly defiant chorus.

The two voices pair well, with Khalid showcasing his high end and Brown adding a little bass. It's far from his first collaboration. On the country side he paired with Lauren Alaina for his song "What Ifs," but has also worked with Marshmello and Camila Cabello. Brown got his start singing covers of pop and country songs on Facebook, thus proving himself a versatile singer.

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