Joe Diffie's wife, Tara, turned to social media on April 19 to remember her late husband with a fun picture, writing, "I miss my best friend" nearly a month after the country singer died after battling coronavirus (COVID-19).

Tara Diffie shared a picture of herself and Diffie poolside, their faces jammed together and making tongue-wagging expressions into the camera.

It's a silly shot that reminds her of the fun they had, she tells fans, calling Diffie "my true love and the weirdest weirdo I ever met. We laughed and loved hard. He was the love of my life. We always laughed."

She adds a series of emojis to the end of the post.

Diffie died on March 29 at the age of 61, just two days after announcing that he was hospitalized after contracting the virus.

Tara Diffie later shared the last picture she took with the singer, writing, "You were the love of my life."

She turned to social media again to refute conspiracy theories that have speculated Diffie died from something other than coronavirus, including lung cancer. Those conspiracy theories claim hospitals have been reporting non-COVID-19 deaths incorrectly to boost funding, but Tara Diffie was quick to shoot those rumors down, writing, "My husband @officialjoediffie did NOT HAVE LUNG CANCER. His father passed, same name, November 2018 to stage IV lung cancer."

"STOP STARTING FAKE NEWS," she urges. "I’ve seen multiple posts and it’s upsetting to all of us."

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