Over the holiday break I did absolutely nothing but eat and listen to some music. So much music I was inspired to start sharing some of my favorite country jams with you every Monday. I’ll share some new country music, some classic country, and everything in between. I love discovering new music and sharing what I’m listening too. That being said feel free to share anything with me too.


Chase Bryant recently stopped by for a concert with us at Touch of Texas. As I watched the show one song caught my attention. I immediately google the lyrics and found “Wayfarer Weather.” It’s the perfect song for the cold weather we are experiencing. It has an infectious chorus and Chase once again gives us a solid guitar riff. It’s a pretty happy tune.



As I continued my dive into leftovers and country music, I came across another great summertime/driving tune. This one was by singer Kaci Brown under her band name Brown & Gray. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a ton of information about this band they are so brand new. Their song “Top Down” is another uplifting tune. It takes a little different approach with its background beat, but nonetheless is another song I will be playing on repeat!



I think every week while doing my Monday Jams I will try to include a classic country song. So this week is my guy Dwight Yoakam. I knew a decent amount about Dwight, but I saw Runaway June (Wild West, Lipstick) perform as cover of his song “Fast as You,” last spring and I was hooked. I looked up the original version and was hooked. I love the repetitive guitar in this one and the use of the organ. You don’t hear much organ in country music now!



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