A day late, but not a dollar short. I completely disconnected myself from work yesterday, but still discovered some great country music I wanted to share with y'all.

Luke Combs has been featured in my weekly jams consistently. Mostly because he consistently makes amazing music. His official Facebook page posted this song a few days ago. It is an unreleased track that he has been working on (New Album?!) and it and instant jam. Luke loves singing about beer and heartbreak, and I love to listen. This song is going to become a HUGE sing-a-long jam!

From one artist I adore to another. Midland is the best thing to happen to country music in awhile. They have an old school vibe, with a 90's twist, but still manage to keep it modern. "On the Rocks" is a 10/10 on my album list, and "This Old Heart" combines a toned down Dwight Yoakam sound with George Strait lyricism. It's also super relatable, the number one quality of a jam. If you can place yourself in a song, it is dang near perfect!


Surprisingly, Lonestar has more than one hit. We all love a goof story in a song, and "My Front Porch Looking In" has an incredible one. That's why its my throwback jam of the week.



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