Back for another edition of “Jay’s Monday Jams.” Mondays wouldn’t fall into my top days of the week list, but at least we have country music to make it better. Here’s another list of some new tunes and classics getting me through those Monday blues.

I had the pleasure of meeting Cole Swindell last winter down in Memphis, TN. I was a fan of his but became a bigger fan once I realized how nice he is. His new tune “Stay Downtown” is currently one of my favorite new jams. It tells a little bit of a backwards love song where Cole doesn’t want to keep going through the same situations with a former lover. The beat is infectious with a nice pulsing guitar sound guiding you through the song. Cole puts a whole bunch of emotion into the chorus making this another great driving song.


There is always time to listen to a song about boating and having a few during the summertime. Last spring, I did a phone interview with newcomer Morgan Wallen and it was a whole bunch of fun. He did slip up and say he recorded a song with Florida Georgia Line, so I have been waiting for this one to hit the airwaves for awhile. My favorite part about “Up Down” is how twangy a guitar riff this one has. I do admit every time it comes on in the car, I play some air guitar.


By now everyone is aware that Thomas Rhett’s dad had a nice run as a solo country artist AND still writes a whole bunch of country songs we currently play on the Hawk. I had to give Rhett Akins some love on my “Jay’s Monday Jams” blog today. I love 90’s country and this one is one of my favorite sing-a-longs!


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