It is the Monday before Easter and some of y'all might have a short work week. Let's get through it together with and Easter buffet full of new music.

Lindsay Ell can do it all. Sing, write, and most importantly SHRED on guitar. Her album "The Project" is a must listen to. This country star pours her heart out on it and gained some major exposure from "Waiting on You." The newest single from her album is "Criminal." This song is super catchy and I find myself singing along to it daily.

Sugarland took an extended, and I men extended, hiatus over the last few years. Both Kristian Bush and Jennifer Nettles experienced great success when they went out on their own as we all clamored for the duo to reunite. When they finally did get back together, they went all out. A new tour, a new album, and a great new song. "Still The Same" has Nettles unique and instantly recognizable vocals and Bush's unique writing style.

Glenn and I had a long, and I mean long conversation about our Top 5 Kenny Chesney songs. "Anything But Mine" is 100% in my Top 5, just not sure where it would exactly fall. If you get the chance to experience this song live, TAKE IT!


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