Another week, and another list of all the songs I am digging at the moment. I'll have a Parade Day related jam at the end as well!

This past Friday, Cole Swindell released a brand new single on us AND announced a brand new album coming out in the near future. Cole has so much talent, we get the feels from "Middle of a Memory" and have a ton of fun with "Flatliner." Now "Break Up in the End" isn't the heartbreaker that "Memory" is, but it will still gives you chills. One of his most relatable songs thus far, this new jam will have you singing along in no time.

We will stick with the heartwrenching theme with my next jam. Little Big Town produces some of the best harmonies and songs in country music. "Girl Crush" is definitely amongst the greatest country songs of all time, and their new single "When Someone Stops Loving You" is another hearbreaker. Little Big Town amazes me, especially when they can take two female voice and two male voices and harmonize flawlessly. My good friend recently saw them on their Breakers Tour and she said she was blown away. There is a whole bunch of soul and feeling in their new jam so enjoy!

You may think I'm reaching here calling this song a throwback, but it does follow along with my Parade Day theme. Toby Keith's "I Love this Bar" is the perfect song for the upcoming Binghamton St. Patrick's Day Parade for obvious reasons!





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