The only thing better than a picture of a cute baby, is a picture of a cute puppy—or is it the other way around? At any rate, Jason Aldean's wife, Brittany, hit all the cute bases with her latest photo of infant son Memphis on Instagram.

In the shot, Memphis is adorable as always (he's getting quite seasoned at posing for the camera!) but this time he's joined by Brittany's little Pomeranian pup, Mia, for a dose of extra sweetness. The dog appears to be giving the baby a kiss on the cheek, which just about breaks the cute-o-meter.

Brittany is well-known for meticulously documenting her son's growth since his birth in December, but she's also got a rep for posting quite a few shots of her dogs (Mia has canine siblings Boss and Butterball) as well—and the critters are always lovingly integrated into the household activity.

In fact, she feels so strongly about her furbabies, that she posted a pointed message on Jan. 27 for all to see:

We agree that pets are part of the family...don't you? It looks as if Memphis will grow up to be an animal lover just like his mom.

Meanwhile, dad Jason, who's the reigning ACM Entertainer of the Year, dropped the first single from his upcoming album Rearview Town, "You Make It Easy," by surprise on Friday (Jan. 26), giving excited fans their first listen to the album.

Adorable Photo of Country Stars and Their Pets

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