What could be more magical than accepting a marriage proposal from the love of your life? Why, accepting it during a concert while your favorite artist is playing your favorite song, of course—and then having the artist give you his personal best wishes!

This was exactly the fairy-tale scenario for 21-year-old Jess McCormack, a Jason Aldean fan whose boyfriend, Alex Borsari, took her to Aldean's New York City date at Madison Square Garden on Aug. 11.

When Aldean broke into the romantic hit "You Make it Easy," Borsari led his girl to the aisle and dropped down on one knee, causing the crowd to roar in approval. The couple were then led by security down to the stage area, where they were addressed by Aldean, who seemed delighted to bestow his blessings on the pair.

After working out what exactly happened–"I think somebody just got married. I don't know what's going on,“ the singer noted—Aldean happily toasted the couple.

"I think if someone gets engaged, you’ve got to celebrate that,” he said. “So here’s to you guys, may you guys have a long and blissful marriage.”

He also sagely added, “I don’t know when the wedding is and I don’t know what your wedding song is, but I think that’s a pretty good one right there," referring to the tune he'd just been playing.

According to CBS News, Borsari, 23, had worked everything carefully out beforehand, and had even let the crew at the arena in on his big plans. However, he didn't know that Aldean himself would end up being in on the fun.

The groom-to-be, who has been friends with his fiancee for years, also noted that there is no wedding date planned yet—but that "You Make it Easy" will definitely be their wedding song.

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