Every parent who has a bit of an age gap between children knows that it's all too easy to forget the various difficulties of the infancy stage. Jason Aldean, who has a 10-year gap between children, is no different, but he's seeing advantages that his youngest child, Memphis, will benefit from that his older sisters did not.

Aldean tells Taste of Country Nights' Sam Alex that he's in a position now to take his baby son out on the road with him on tour, and he thinks that will give Memphis some interesting experiences.

"Back when [my daughters] were born, when I was touring I was on one bus with my whole band—there was 12 of us on a bus," Aldean explained. "So I wasn’t in a position to be able to carry them out a whole lot back then. And then, my oldest one started school. They would come out for the summer sometimes.

"But he’s going to be out there and grow up around it nonstop. It’s going to be interesting to see what kind of musical skills he develops over the years."

Aldean said that baby-proofing his tour bus has been "new territory," but they're slowly getting there. "We’ve had some stuff done to it, got him a crib built on the bus."

At any rate, Aldean can't wait until his youngest is able to fully join in the touring lifestyle. Right now he's only not quite 4 months old, but, "hopefully, he’ll be my guitar tech pretty soon," Aldean joked. "I got a feeling it won’t be pretty long and he’ll be up there soundchecking with the band."

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