Jake Owen and his twin brother, Jarrod, offer up a dose of retro-cool in an adorable throwback photo the country singer posted to social media.

Owen and Jarrod are actually fraternal twins, but they look nearly identical in the childhood photo, which features both youngsters in white shirts, multi-colored shorts and plastic sunglasses, with matching blond spiked haircuts.

"Just me and my twin bro vibin’ since we were on the come up," Owen writes to accompany the picture.

A quick Google search reveals that the 39-year-old country singer and his brother are easy to tell apart as adults, though they still share some very similar features. According to a 2014 profile in Vero News, Jarrod Owen continues to live in their hometown of Vero Beach, Fla., where he has a successful career in insurance.

Jarrod admits that people ask him if he can sing "a lot, too, and I tell people I dabble. I sing all the time; I just don’t sing like my twin. God blessed Jake with good lungs. I didn’t get that ... but when people ask how to tell us apart, I always tell them I’m the better-looking twin. And my brother is like, ‘Whatever, I can sing.’”

Though Jarrod says it "drives me crazy" when people immediately ask him if he's Jake Owen's brother, there have been perks to that position, as well. In a 2012 interview with Chelsea Handler, the "Made for You" singer recounted that Jarrod used to try to impress women by getting him to talk to them on the phone.

"And the girl will be like, 'I don't even give a s--t who you are, but your brother says that you're his brother or what not.' That's how I help Jarrod, I hook him up with some ladies," Owen recalled.

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