Jake Owen is bringing fans a little bit of sunshine and summertime with a new tune. The singer recently shared a snippet of a new song on Facebook; readers can press play above to hear it.

The clip of Owen playing his new song is captioned, "Playing some new tunes. Got that summertime vibe combing your way. #girls #mrsummertime." According to the post, it was filmed in Panama City Beach, Fla. -- but Owen's attire is a dead giveaway of the location, too. He's wearing tropical-print shorts, a lightweight beach hat, a denim jacket and sandals -- perfect beach attire, right?

In the video, Owen and his band jam to the new track, which revolves around one thing: women, specifically the positives and the negatives that stem from being around them.

"They have you staying out late on a Tuesday / Breaking every plan that you made / They're behind every move that you make," Owen sings with adoration, and a good dose of wry humor. "They have you wasting all your money / Buying them more drinks / And have you saving all your money / For a diamond ring ...

"That's the thing the thing about girls / They'll drive you wild / They'll have you driving out of your way / Just to see that one-in-a-million smile," Owen continues in the song. "All them girls / Beautiful girls / The only thing that can wreck or rock your world."

Though Owen hasn't yet revealed the name of this new song, the hashtags #girls and #mrsummertime are likely clues (the song title and an album name, respectively?). At the end of February, on Twitter, Owen wrote, "You can call me Mr. Summertime," and he also tweeted, in March, "Y'all ready for summer?? That new summer sound coming atcha ... #MrSummertime #SonOfABeach."

Owen recently released a new single, "Good Company," from his latest record, American Love. It is available to order on iTunes.

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