Times have changed and so have what is allowed by both teachers and students. 

It's not really shocking that a lot of what used to be allowed years ago doesn't fly in current times. We all lived pretty fast and loose and therefore learned from doing so, that maybe we need a little bit more regulation.

Now I will tell you, my time in school was just fine. I never had issues with other students or teachers and think I was a relatively good student (when I applied myself). That being said, some of the stuff I did back in the day would not be ok in current schools, but I think things change for each generation.

My father told me all about the Catholic schools and getting hit with rulers and other various objects. I went to school in the 90s and teachers were 100% not doing that then, which means they are still not doing that. We do not need teachers and other faculty  members hitting our kids. It will not make them a "better person" or "more well behaved." This is a good change. You won't change my mind.

That is one of the things that is 100% not allowed in schools anymore, and if you want to read the full guide on student discipline, you can right here.

We asked on our Facebook page some things that people used to be able to do that would never fly now and some of the responses were pretty good.

Guys, let's be real - some of the stuff that you said was "fine" back then was probably not actually fine and it's why many of you are in therapy right now.

Things that used to be allowed

  • Dodgeball (with the hard rubber balls)
  • Smoking (teacher lounges, parking lots, smoking sections)
  • Gun racks in your car (questionable)
  • Fights (I don't think those were ever allowed?)

Explore the Abandoned Middle School at Albany's Kenwood Convent

This abandoned property is part of the Kenwood Convent complex in Albany. If it's the same story as the rest of the property, it's been vacant since 2009. There have been some ownership changes and it appears there is still power in parts of the building. As with the convent, it also looks like work was being done by construction crews to clean out and/or restore the building, but that has since stopped (as of the 2020 date of these photos).

The Albany Business Review says the county was about to hold an auction for the property, but its current owners filed bankruptcy two days prior - putting a hold on any further development or sale of the site.

As we can see from the photo tour, there is some magnificent architecture, window frames, even old murals on the wall depicting the a journey down the Hudson River from the City of Albany to New York City.

The most recent relics are some tools, ladders and construction equipment left at the scene, but there are some other pretty cool finds including an early flat screen TV, some antique door & window frames and a pool table in near perfect condition.

Remarkably, this is one of those abandoned places that has gone relatively untouched by vandals and graffiti artists. Let's hope it stays that way until a new use for the property can be determined. For now, it sits in legal limbo waiting to be renovated and rehabbed. Enjoy the tour!

Gallery Credit: The Sneakys Explore/YouTube

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