A gas station in Upstate New York burst into flames after an 18-year-old attempted to do a "burnout" in the parking lot and crashed into a gas pump.

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According to a report by Geoff Herbert of Syracuse.com, 18-year-old Ryan Odell of Ogden, New York was arrested and charged with criminal mischief in the 4th degree and leaving the scene of a motor vehicle accident after the incident. As you can see in the video provided by the GATES Police Department Facebook page, the driver of the car started to do the burnout when the car suddenly took off and turned into the gas pump, setting it ablaze.

You can also see the driver of the car speeding off from the parking lot after the incident. According to Herbert's report, police were able to obtain a partial plate and the make and model of the car and tracked it to Ogden's home. Nobody was injured despite the frightening nature of the video.

Of all the places to try something called a "burnout," maybe a gas station wasn't the best choice. I've seen plenty of people driving like they're auditioning for Fast and Furious before but at the very least they're usually doing it in an empty parking lot with plenty of room to make mistakes. In this scenario, the driver was acting dangerously while surrounded by very flammable chemicals in a confined space. Top to bottom one of the worst ideas that's ever been concocted with an incredibly predictable outcome.

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