A Syracuse man admits he broke into the Vestal Elks Lodge and stole an automatic teller machine almost a year ago.

According to the office of Broome County District Attorney, Michael Korchak, 40-year-old Phillip Jackson pleaded guilty in Broome County Court to felony Burglary in the Third Degree and will be sentenced in December.

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According to the news release from the D.A., Jackson broke into the Vestal Elks Lodge #2508 located at 2701 Vestal Parkway West on August 31, 2021 and stole the ATM.  The machine contained $6,100 cash.

Surveillance cameras caught the break-in and theft and the footage from the cameras was used to identify Jackson.

Authorities say the Syracuse man had been arrested by the New York State Police in the Albany area on unrelated charges.

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The news release did not indicate if Jackson had any connection at all to the local or any chapter of the Fraternal organization or why the Vestal building was targeted.

Korchak’s office says Jackson will receive a sentence of two to four years in New York State Prison when he is scheduled to be sentenced on December 19 by Judge Joseph Cawley.

Officials have not said why Jackson had been arrested in Albany.

The Vestal ATM caper was investigated by the Town of Vestal Police Department with the assistance of the New York State Police.

Korchak commended the several different law enforcement agencies involved in the Elks Lodge case and other incidents in their cooperative efforts in tracking down suspects.  Recent examples cited include cooperative investigations by the Broome County Sheriff’s office, Vestal Police, New York State Police and prosecutors.

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