Here's some welcome news for Penn State alum. in the Twin Tiers making their next pilgrimage to Happy Valley for a Nittany Lions Game: beer will be available for sale to the general public at Beaver Stadium beginning October 1, 2022.

Penn State officially announced September 28 that the newly approved sale of suds at Beaver Stadium would get started with Nittany Lions hosting Northwestern.

Penn State becomes the ninth Big-Ten school to sell beer to the general public at football games.

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There are still some holdouts. Michigan, Michigan State, Nebraska, Northwestern and Michigan still don't sell beer to the general public.

Under the new policy at Penn State, all patrons, aged 21 years or older who want to buy beer at Beaver Stadium will have to show the standard, government- issued identification. The identification will be scanned to confirm they are legitimate. Passing that hurdle will score thirsty fans a wristband.  The wristband verifies to stadium vendors that the customer is of legal age.

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Sales will be conducted at stations located in all areas of the stadium except near the student section.  The Associated Press reports an Athletic Department spokeswoman told a reporter that students could still drink beer in the student section if they are of legal age.

Fans will be able to buy two 16-ounce cans of beer at a time (providing they can afford it) and beer sales will stop at the end of the third quarter.

Penn State's Board of Trustees voted September 23 to allow expanded alcohol sales at the stadium but the policy was not put into place in time for the September 24 game.

Alcohol had previously been available at Beaver Stadium in the enclosed suites.

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