Every week (usually on Monday afternoon) I recap some of the essential local news we reported on 1290 AM/92.1 FM WNBF and our Townsquare Media Binghamton sister radio stations on-air and on our websites and social media platforms.

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It's our way of informing you of some of the more important local news stories you may have missed over the week. Below are some of the local, regional, or state news items in a short recap that we reported on for the week of August 27th, 2023 from various agencies and news reporting from WNBF's Bob Joseph and Don Morgan. For the complete article (if available), click on the headline.

Two Survive Small Aircraft Crash in Delaware County
(Don Morgan)
According to a release from the Delaware County Sheriff's Office in Delhi, NY, on Saturday evening, August 26th, the Delaware County 911 received a call from the Boston Air Traffic Control Center concerning a transmission by the pilot of a private aircraft, indicating he was experiencing engine failure issues.

New York State launches New Overdose Prevention Task Force
(Don Morgan)
New York State Governor Kathy Hochul revealed the kickoff meeting for the Interagency Task Force on Overdose Prevention during her State of the State address. This group includes experts from 17 New York State agencies and offices who are working together to combat the overdose epidemic in the Empire State.

Majority of Railroad Bridges In Binghamton In Need Of Repair
(Don Morgan)
According to the released report from Binghamton Mayor Kraham, a majority of railroad bridges inspected in the city were reported to be in poor to severe condition. Almost half of those bridges have been flagged for structural or safety concerns. Of the 25 bridges in the city that were inspected, 15 are in poor or severe condition, and 12 have significant structural and/or safety concern that should be investigated and addressed by the Railroad.

New Life-Saving Tax to Cost New York Smokers More Money Begins
(Don Morgan)
On September 1st, 2023, New York State's New York State excise tax on cigarettes and little cigars increased. The release notes that this increase will save 15,300 New Yorkers' lives and will prevent 14,000 youths under 18 from becoming adults who smote.

Johnson City PD Rescue Stray Tomato in Viral Post
(Don Morgan)
According to a  post on the Johnson City Police Department Facebook page on Thursday, August 31st, 2023, some of the officers who were on the scene of an unrelated incident, noticed a tomato plant with a lone tomato, growing in a crack in the road on Route 201 in the village.

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