KFC has announced that they'll offer employees in New York State free college tuition, but the offer comes with a slight catch for interested employees.

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According to a report by Sara Rizzo and Megan Hatch of News10, KFC employees in New York are eligible to go to college for free, with the restaurant covering 100 percent of the tuition cost. But the offer comes with a minor catch.

The offer isn't a blanket "go wherever you want, we'll pay for it" offer, but rather the program is offered in partnership with Western Governors University, an accredited online university. But there's still plenty of flexibility for New York's KFC employees.

Western Governors University Programs

Western Governors University offers over 60 bachelor's and master's degree programs in a variety of fields, including Business, Education and Health Care. And while online college may not be the first choice for some employees, there's no denying that in this era of college education, being able to leave college with a degree and no student loan debt is a huge advantage.

Emma Horn, Executive Director of the KFC Foundation, stated,

"Every year we look for new ways to support and enhance the lives of KFC restaurant employees. What better opportunity to be able to offer team members than a flexible college degree program from Western Governors University that can fit seamlessly into their schedule."

New York KFC workers will be eligible to apply for the program right from their first day on the job, and Western Governors University offers rolling admission so whenever employees are ready to start the program, they can.

Northeast region vice president of Western Governors University, Rebecca Watts, said,

"Completing a degree program can change lives, families and communities. But not everyone has the same access to education. Time, location and cost are some of the biggest barriers keeping our neighbors     especially those already in the workforce     from attending college."

Even with that catch, it's an exciting program. In an era where having a college degree is increasingly mandatory for some jobs, attending online college for free and on their schedule could change these employees' lives.

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