Acquiring gun parts that could be used to create untraceable ghost guns just got more difficult in New York after a court order from a federal judge.

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According to a report by Maysoon Khan for the Associated Press, Judge Jesse Furman signed a court order on Thursday to halt 10 gun distributors from selling or shipping gun parts and kits in New York. Those gun parts and kits have been used in the past to create "ghost guns," firearms that are untraceable because they aren't purchased whole, but put together in parts.

Gun laws in New York have been incredibly controversial over the past months, after the United States Supreme Court ruled that a New York concealed carry gun law was unconstitutional. Since then, a number of legal battle have taken place between the state of New York and gun advocates over the rules that the state government is attempting to impose upon guns.

NYC Mayor Eric Adams And NY Attorney General Letitia James Make Announcement Combating Gun Violence In New York
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New York State Attorney General Letitia James has been at the forefront of the fight against these untraceable ghost guns. After the court order, she stated "Today's court order will help protect New York communities and save New Yorkers' lives. Ghost guns and easy-to-assemble ghost gun kits have caused violence and devastation throughout our state."

Of the ten companies that were hit with the court order from the federal judge, five are also involved in a separate lawsuit filed by New York City Mayor Eric Adams, attempting to stop the companies from selling gun parts and kits that could be used to build a ghost gun in New York City.

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