As a New Yorker, I've gone through quite a few license plate designs over the decades I've owned a vehicle. Some I liked, some, well, not so much. The latest design is okay. It's not as nice in my opinion as some from other states.

How about those of you who are residents of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania? Do you like the design of your plate? How long has that plate been in use? From what I could find, it was introduced in 2004, with a slight update in 2017, according to Wikipedia.

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Even the plate design in 2004 wasn't much of a change from the design introduced in 1999. At least not that I could notice, but that is about to change.

On Tuesday (July 9) Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro unveiled a new license plate and highway welcome sign display which is already showing up throughout the Commonwealth, including I-81 in Susquehanna County and Route 1015 in Tioga County with a 'Let Freedom Ring' theme.

PA New License Plate Design
photo provided by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation

According to Governor Shapiro's website: "The “Let Freedom Ring” designs celebrate Pennsylvania as the birthplace of American democracy and highlight the state’s leading role in the celebrations of the United States in 2026."

Pennsylvania is the birthplace of our democracy, and as Governor, I have been focused on advancing real freedom across the Commonwealth. With all eyes on Pennsylvania as we prepare to host our country’s 250th birthday in 2026, our new license plates and welcome signs will celebrate the best of what the Commonwealth has to offer and show the country why Pennsylvania is the Great American Getaway and the birthplace of American freedom. - Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro

The Governor's website notes that Pennsylvanians can sign up to receive an email update when the new license plates are ready to order in spring 2025. At that time, fee information will be available with replacement instructions and will vary based on plate type and any optional personalization.

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