Tioga State Bank (TSB) is making strides in empowering students by recently opening its first student-run bank office at Spencer-Van Etten (SV-E) High School.

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Located within the school premises, the Spencer-Van Etten TSB Student Office operates on Tuesdays and Fridays from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

The in-school bank is overseen by Jenna Gillette, who hails from TSB's Spencer Office. Gillette works closely with two student employees, Kaili Root, and Jacqueline Brown, who have been trained to handle various banking tasks. The student-run bank office is exclusively accessible to the students, faculty, and staff of S-VE High School.

Susan Allen, Senior Vice President and Regional Retail Manager at TSB shared her excitement about this initiative, stating, "We have been a part of the Spencer Van-Etten community for 160 years, so it felt like a natural fit to open our first student office at the Spencer Van-Etten High School.

Allen expressed how thrilled she and her team are to offer the Spencer Van-Etten HS students, faculty, and staff a banking option within the walls of their school. She also pointed out that the bank, “gives students the opportunity to gain independence and the financial skills they will need."

To further engage the students and promote school spirit, TSB has collaborated with the S-VE High School art department. Together, they are hosting a student competition to design a joint S-VE/TSB logo. This collaboration not only encourages creativity and artistic expression but also strengthens the partnership between TSB and the school community.

The decision to establish a student-run bank office reflects TSB's commitment to supporting the local community and investing in the education and development of young minds. By instilling financial skills and independence in students, TSB is empowering them to become financially responsible adults.

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