From time to time, I would see article headlines that referred to 'Easter Eggs' in certain television shows, series, or movies. My first thought was, why are there Easter Eggs placed in a TV show or movie?

I ignored it for a while, but as I noticed this term popping up more and more, I decided to check out just what 'Easter Egg' meant. And I was sure it has nothing to do with Easter. describes an Easter Egg as:

A hidden message, as a cryptic reference, iconic image, or inside joke, that fans are intended to discover in a television show or movie.

Okay, so now I know. There are many shows and movies containing Easter Eggs. Even older programs, and some with local connections. For example, let's take it local. A movie or television series that contains a local connection. How about the Twilight Zone?

What did Rod Serling once say? - "Everybody has to have a hometown. Binghamton's mine." And there were some Twilight Zone episodes containing a reference or image from the Binghamton area.

If you've wandered around or in the gazebo at Recreation Park, you may have noticed a plaque in the center commemorating the gazebo as being featured in the Twilight Episode - 'Walking Distance' starring gig Young along with a guest appearance from young Ron Howard.

An article in Atlas Obscura states that 'Walking Distance' was the 5th Twilight Zone episode, airing in 1959. It tells the story of a man who accidentally returns to his childhood town after a 25-year absence.

In another Twilight Zone episode with a Binghamton Easter Egg, the 1960 'The Monsters Are Due On Main Street', starring Barry Atwater and Leas Waggner. Atlas Obscura states that the streets in the episode resemble those found on Binghamton's Westside.

And then there's the 1960 episode 'Mirror Image' starring Vera Miles, taking place at the Greyhound Bus Station in Downtown Binghamton.

Another Binghamton Easter Egg is in the Twilight Zone episode named 'The After Hours', in which Rod Serling got his inspiration from the old Fowler's building (now Boscov's.) That's quite a shocking tale of a store mannequin that becomes a real person for one day a month.

Remember this famous opening to the 'Twilight Zone?'

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