It's that time of the year. You know, that time when chicken wings will be consumed en mass, probably like no other time of the year. Will chicken wings be on your big game menu on February 11th?

According to the National Chicken Council, in 2022, over 1.42 billion chicken wings were served in America during the championship game. That's a lot of wings.

My favorite chicken wings include garlic, honey garlic, barbeque, and the original Buffalo wings. What's the difference between chicken wings and Buffalo wings? Well, here's the answer you probably already know. Wait, a Buffalo doesn't have wings?

I asked listeners where they get their favorite chicken wings if they don't make their own at home for the big game. Three local bars had the most mentions:

FAT COWBOY'S BBQ - Route 7B, Port Crane

Heather T. - The Fat Cowboys BBQ has the best. Hands down!

Fat Cowboy's BBQ
Google Maps Street View

OLD UNION HOTEL - Clinton Street, Binghamton

Tammy B. - Union & Nips both are phenomenal!

Old Union Hotel
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NIP'S PARK AVENUE SALOON - Park Avenue, Binghamton

Harold S. I've had wings from every "top" place in the Southern Tier. There is a clear-cut #1. Its Nips and it's not close. As a bonus, Pegasus is their best flavor.

Google Maps Street View

Here are some other great places for chicken wings according to our listeners:

  • Merritt P. - Elbow Room in Elmira.
  • Dave F. - Green's Long River Inn, Unadilla!
  • Michael R. - Harry Tufts and Alligers in Sayre.
  • Jeff L. - Airport inn.
  • Eric C. - Irish Kevin's on Riverside and The Dugout in Apalachin both make excellent wings.
  • Kari C. - The Stadium Sports Bar and Grill!
  • Randy B.- Deacons Bench.
  • Kimmy S. - Whitetails Bar and Grill.
  • Ray A. - Coaster's Bar in Tioga Downs! Or Food & Fire. Def my top 2 in the area.
  • Michelle M. - Nirchi's on the Vestal Parkway or Upper Front Street.
  • Brandi S. - Scooter's Pub for us for sure! Best wings ever, if you haven’t had them, stop in or call ahead and order! My favorite is Garlic Butter. My Husband always gets hot. My daughter orders honey mustard, and two of my boys always order BBQ.
  • Tom F. - Speedie Pizza in Windsor!
  • Jodi S. - Maple Hill Golf Course.
  • Ricky U. - Rossi’s JC.
  • Erica R. - The Relief Pitcher!!! And $5 apps!
  • Ben B.- Dan Dees or Pudgie’s.
  • Elana F. -Thirstys and Pudgies.
  • Kyle C. - Alliger's House of Wings! No better!
  • Heather U. - Marys Bar. Tim M. -  Mooney’s (with Big Al Sauce), Pizza Nia’s.
  • Ethan R. - Cortese has the best wings.
  • Janelle S. - If I keep saying Theo's, will they come back?
Anthony F. - Michelangelo's on Upper Court St in Binghamton. Their wings are delicious.

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