EMS. It stands for Emergency Medical Service. EMS men and women are those professionals who can make a difference when it comes to life-threatening emergencies.

Many times, these hard-working individuals don't get the credit they deserve. Helping a human life through injury of all degrees is a huge responsibility. According to the EMS website, President Ford in 1974 designated the 3rd week of May as EMS week.

The week is designated to "honor EMS clinicians and the important work they do in our nation's communities." This week is the 49th annual National EMS Week (May 21st through the 27th) and each day has a certain designation according to the EMS website:

  • Sunday, May 21st - Health, Wellness and Resilience Day
  • Monday, May 22nd - Education Day
  • Tuesday, May 23rd - EMS Safety Day
  • Wednesday, May 24th - EMS for Children Day
  • Thursday, May 25th - Save A Life Day & Stop The Bleed Day
  • Friday, May 26th - EMS Recognition Day

Whenever you see an EMS professional, thank them for their service. A little thanks goes a long way. When we need their help and assistance, they are there for us.

On Friday, May 26th, The Johnson City Police Department will be celebrating EMS Emergency Week with a Child Safety Seat Check Event.  This event will be held from 12 Noon to 3 pm at the Union Volunteer Emergency Squad at 875 Riverside Rive in Johnson City.

Bring your child's safety seat, child seat manuals if available, and of course, your child. Certified child passenger safety technicians will be at the event to check over your child's safety seat for correct installation and harnessing.

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