No joke, they're killing millions every year and you can find them in Upstate New York.

Our state is full of beauty, with the Adirondacks and open country sides. But these areas welcome in a nasty pest every single year, known as one of the deadliest creatures on earth.

Mosquito on human hand

Yes, we are all aware of how annoying mosquitos are in New York State. But did you know how deadly these little guys actually are? It's alarming when you see the numbers.

According to Understanding Animal Research, almost ONE MILLION people die each year from a mosquito-born disease. That makes them the deadliest creature BY FAR in the world.

Who comes in at #2? That would be humans! They kill around 400,000 other humans each year.

Ildar Abulkhanov
Ildar Abulkhanov

With over 3,000 species of mosquito in the world, it's surprising that New York is home to over 70 of them. Our state, and country overall, has gotten a grasp on the deadly diseases mosquitos carry. Even though it's still important to know how deadly they still are.

You can attribute that to not only the vast woods, swamps, and farmland across the state, but also the humidity. Mosquitos thrive on warm, humid climates. Which good news for them, New York is full of that every Spring and Summer season.

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The good news, you can help keep them away from your house this year. Here are some plants you can place into your garden that actually repel those unwanted blood suckers.

Plant Some Of These In Your New York Garden to Keep Mosquitoes Away

New York State is home to about 70 species of mosquitoes. Mosquitoes occasionally they can transmit disease. According to New York State Of Health, some mosquito species have the potential to transmit disease-causing viruses, should those viruses be present in New York.

How do you keep these dangerous creepy crawlies away from you and your yard? Well, you could spend a small fortune on citronella candles all summer long. Or you can plant some of these 11 plant varieties around your garden or yard:

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