Lauren Alaina will unlock her next musical chapter on Friday (June 9) with the release of her new six-track, Unlocked EP.

The country singer says everything on this collection of songs is something she lived through at one point of another. She's dedicated Unlocked to the girls in her hometown of Rossville, Ga.

“I recorded these songs thinking about the girls back home," Alaina says. "At some point or another, I've lived every one of these stories, and I think that might mean that they have, too. I hope they feel seen and heard whenever they turn this music on. Rossville girls: this is for you."

The former American Idol standout isn't wasting any time getting new music into the hands of her fans, as she has already shared two of the project's tracks.

Up first is "A Walk in the Bar," a fresh take on the classic breakup song. Rather than wallow in heartbreak, Alaina relates the end of the relationship to that of a walk in the park.

"A walk in the bar, walk in the bar / Find me a cowboy, kiss him in the dark / Do a little two shot, two-step, dance floor, forget / Tonight, if you see me / I'll be drinkin' for free / I'ma make movin' on look so easy / Who says heartbreak's gotta be hard? / Gettin' over you is just a walk, a walk in the bar," she sings in the sassy chorus.

Alaina wrote this song with Casey Brown, Lydia Vaugh and Parker Welling. Listen:

Her next offering is the complete opposite of "A Walk in the Bar." "Hangovers" finds Alaina drowning away her heartache, because not even a hangover can hurt as bad as this breakup.

"If heartaches were like hangovers / Like mornings after being some last call closer / I'd still feel beat down when I wake up / Still only have me to blame, but / Only thing killin' me'd be my head / Wouldn't even remember what I had to forget / I could hurt like hell and bе better by noon / But heartachеs ain't hangovers, boy, so I ain't over you / Heartaches ain't hangovers, boy, so I ain't over you," Alaina pines in the chorus.

"Hangovers" was co-written by John Bryon, Greylan James, Josh Osborne and Matt Roy. Listen here:

Lauren Alaina's Unlocked EP Track List:

1. "A Walk in the Bar"
2. "Hangovers"
3. "Don't Judge a Woman"
4. "Smaller the Town"
5. "Like Her"
6. "Thicc as Thieves" (ft. Lainey Wilson)

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