Dustin Lynch is single, but hesitant to mingle — at least in Nashville.

During an appearance on the Viall Files podcast with Nick Viall, the country singer was asked what his favorite and least favorite thing is about dating.

"I get in my head," Lynch admits. "Least favorite thing for me is — it's probably why I haven't allowed myself to date in Nashville — it's just like, I'm scared of the gossip that happens afterward."

While thinking about the end of a relationship isn't the best way to start one, the "Stars Like Confetti" singer may have a point. Music City is a perpetual small town with so many people working in the music industry in some capacity. And while Lynch wouldn't contribute to the chatter, he's worried an ex might.

"I feel like as guys, like, I'm not gonna go back on tour and be like, 'Man, so this is how this date went,'" he explains. "They're not gonna give a crap to ask me about her."

"It doesn't get that deep with us guys," Lynch adds. "I just know with girls, cause I've seen it. I think I see that through just girls that I work with and that's probably the scariest thing."

His outlook isn't all doom and gloom, though: The "Thinkin' Bout You" artist enjoys the idea of dating very much.

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"My favorite thing is honestly, like, the conversation and the excitement of getting to know somebody," he shares.

As of late, Lynch has become more open about his dating woes and his desire to find a wife. His last public relationship was with Kellie Seymour from 2019-2021.

He tells Taste of Country Nights' Evan Paul that striking a balance between work and his personal life is tough, and despite there being apps to help facilitate a romance, he hasn't ventured down that path.

"No, no. I haven't gone down that rabbit hole yet," he insists when asked if he has a Tinder profile. "But I really ... I find it tough making time to really go on dates when I'm off the road. I've gotten in the routine of just loving being by myself and working on the farm, and kinda recharging the batteries when I come back off the tour."

It sounds like finding someone who loves to work on the farm with him would be ideal. Perhaps a stint on the reality dating series Farmer Wants a Wife could help?

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