Could we see the speed limit increase on major highways across New York State in 2024?

Ir was back in January of this year that a new bill was proposed to increase the speed limit on major highways like the Thruway from 65 miles per hour to 70 miles per hour.

So where does Bills S02209 stand heading into the new year?

Right now, the Bill which was introduced by Senator Thomas O'Mara and Senator William Weber current is currently sitting with the Senate Transportation Committee.

The bill has not moved since it was sent to the Senate Transportation Committee back in January.

The proposed bill would increase the speed limit on the following highways: Interstate 81, Interstate 481, State Route 481, Interstate 690, State Route 690, State Route 5, State Route 695, and the Thruway.

The last time the speed limit was raised in New York was back in 1995 when it was increased to the current 65 miles per hour.

So what happens if no action is taken by the end of the year? Chances are that next year the bill would have to be proposed again and introduced into the Senate for debate and research.

So it looks like in 2024, you are going to have to keep driving at 65 miles per hour unless some major turn of events happens and the Billget passed and signed into law immediately by the governor. Which most likely won't happen.

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Here are some laws that will go into effect in 2024.

Bill A150 - This Bill raises the minimum age from 10 to 14 to operate an ATV.

Bill A3694A  - Colleges will be required to post campus crime statistics on their websites and to investigate hate crimes. The institutions will also be responsible for informing students about how they plan to prevent hate crimes.

Bill A05821 - Under the new law, lifeguards at pools, beaches, and children’s camps can be 15 years old if they are directly supervised.

Bill S5913A - Requires menstrual products to be offered for free in non-public schools

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