The “Stanley Cup” craze really took off because of social media, and now they are receiving some backlash on the platform that caused the company to take off in the first place. 

Social media users expressed their concern regarding the possibility of “lead poisoning” in Stanley Cup products. 

Many people have been using lead detector tests to swab their Stanley Cup in hopes of finding a true answer, but they seem to have a variety of answers across the board. While some swabs have turned pink (indicating lead is present), other people who have tested their Stanleys the same way don’t seem to find any trace of lead. 

Stanley is finally responding to these claims about whether or not the cups can actually poison you. 

The company clarified that yes, lead is used during the manufacturing process, but it is unable to poison you. The product would have to become damaged in order to expose the lead, according to one Stanley spokesperson who spoke with the TODAY Show.

If you peak into the bottom of your Stanley Cup, you will see a circular barrier made of stainless steel. That barrier covers a lead-containing pellet, which seals the product’s vacuum insulation.

Of course there is a chance that the stainless steel barrier could come off, but it is very unlikely.

It’s definitely something to be aware of. If you break your Stanley Mug or crack it, it’s worth testing for lead just in case. 

However, a Stanley spokesperson assured customers that everything should be OK.

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