March is an important month for women around the world and for those who have an important lady in their life. 

Known across the country as Women’s History Month, the theme for the empowerment movement is “Women Who Advocate For Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion.” It has been celebrated in the United States for the last 37 years. 

Originally started in 1987, Congress declared the month of March would be permanently known as National Women’s History Month, and over the years, there have been more and more celebrations and ways to remember the ladies who have become a precedent and changed history for women everywhere. Back in 1987, the President in the Oval Office was Ronald Reagan. 

Now, although 37 years does not seem like a lot of time, a lot has changed since 1987. There are different female role models that have taken on a role for young ladies and women around the world, and there are certain celebrities that New York residents pay close attention to in 2024. 

Based on recent Google search data, the most popular female celebrities are listed below:

Most Popular Female Celebrities In New York State

According to Google search data, these 12 celebrities are the most frequently searched for in New York State.

Gallery Credit: Kadie Daye via Canva Image

While these women are famous role models for many, there are some local women in the Buffalo area that have made history. 

One woman’s story that really stood out to me is Maria Love’s, who was a Buffalo woman born in 1840. Back then, if you didn’t marry, it was a struggle to find a regulated form of income. She worked hard, and Love ended up making an arrangement with this guy named Benjamin Fitch to donate a building on Buffalo famous Swan Street. It was called Fitch Creche, and in 1881, it became the first daycare center in the country. 

She also started a fundraiser to help women and children recovering from illness, and that is still helping the community to this day! You can find out more here

What local lady stands out in your life? Who do you look up to? 

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