A couple of years ago, Busch Light had people looking all over the state for their Busch Light Apple.  This summer, they might have done it again.

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Busch Light Apple was hard to get your hands on

You may remember when they came out with Busch Light Apple.  People were looking all over the place to get their hands on it.  Then, when they found it, they would buy it up a couple of cases at a time.  You couldn't find it anywhere.

So have they found a new flavor that people are going to go nuts over again?

Why do people love beers like this?

I have to admit, two things that generally shouldn't go together (in my opinion) are beer and fruit.  It is normally just a bad idea.  But this one worked.  I actually liked it.

The reason it was so popular was that it wasn't much like any other beer out there.  It wasn't actually a cider, but it definitely had that kind of taste to it.  It was almost like a Redd's Apple Ale or an Angry Orchard, but it was still beer instead of cider.

It was refreshing and light.  It was one of those kinds of beers that was perfect for drinking around the pool or after you finish mowing the lawn.  And it was Busch Light...so it wasn't ridiculously expensive like some of the ciders and seltzers can be.

Busch Light has come out with a new flavor for this summer

I just saw this on facebook today...

Yup...it's Busch Light Peach.  I have to admit, I'm not normally a fan of peach-flavored stuff, but I would definitely give this one a try.  As long as the peach isn't super strong it could be really good!

Will Busch Light Peach mean that the Busch Light Apple won't be coming back?

Does the emergence of this new flavor mean that they will be getting rid of the Busch Light Apple?  It looks that way.  They announced in 2022 that they would be discontinuing Busch Light Apple and haven't had an announcement to say anything different.  If somehow you still have some in your fridge at home, consider yourself lucky.  That beer looks like it's done for awhile...if not forever.

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