With everyone concentrating on the COVID-19 pandemic (with good reason), it seems that spring just kind of sprung upon us. Today is the vernal equinox and it's the earliest spring in 124 years and not because of anything the groundhog predicted. It has to do with Leap Days and Daylight Saving time.

The last time it was this early was in 1896 when the same random factors collided. Spring is officially here at 11:49 p.m. so if you are more of a winter person then you have most of the day to enjoy it.

.Today is also National Let's Laugh Day and we sure can use that right now. So let's have some grins at spring's expense with signs that Spring has arrived.

The snow on top of my convertible is gone...replaced by bird poo at the house and lime deposits from the parking garage. YUCK!

It's the perfect temperature to go outside...and look at your phone the whole time.

A young man's fancy turns to thoughts of "love." I've been reminded that I'm not young anymore, so forget it...again.

Here's a spring fact: Today the daylight length (interval between sunrise and sunset) is pretty much the same everywhere, 12 hours and 8 minutes.

One last fact: Spring begins tonight in the Southern Tier but in the southern hemisphere, today is the beginning of autumn! We return you now to your coronavirus concerns. and our CORONAVIRUS COVERAGE: Click here For All The Latest Coronavirus News

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