How hot is it? (fill in your own punchline). Hot enough Adirondack Moose are hitting the beach to beat the heat. Here's the picture to prove it.

While it's not rare for Moose to hit the water to go from one place to another or just to cool off. It is rare to capture one taking the extended dip this one took. The photo was taken at Long Lake in an area only accessible by boat or hiking. Thanks to My Long Lake's Facebook page for sharing the pic from unknown photographer.

If you spot a moose, swimming or not, the DEC would love you to report it. While most of them are spotted in the Adirondacks, some are occasionally seen in the Catskills. The DEC depends on personal sightings to help track herds and their health. Report sightings online at the DEC's website. If you have photos to share, email them to:

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