When you need to greet someone and politely but aren't crazy about the idea of skin on skin contact either because you're not into people touching or aren't really into the idea of the possible spread of germs, what should you do? Apparently the answer is something called the 'Wuhan Shake.'

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The Wuhan Shake became something of an overnight sensation on social media and while many at first thought the idea was ridiculous, myself included, others are warming up to it, but probably not for the same reason I have.

Instead of the traditional handshake greeting, some people are doing something that kind of reminds me of the Hokey Pokey. You put your right foot in and tap it next to the other person's right foot. Then, you put your left foot in and tap it to the other person's left foot.

Simple as that.

The first time I saw the Wuhan Shake, I literally rolled my eyes over the ridiculousness of it all, but then I was challenged to see if I could talk any of co-workers into doing it with me while filming our new "hand" shake and the more I did it, the more I started laughing and the more my co-workers started to laugh. Life isn't meant to be lived uptight and the world needs more laughter and happiness.

If your workplace is lacking in laughter or happiness, I personally challenge you to try the Wuhan Shake with some of your co-workers. You might be surprised at who laughs the hardest. It might end up being the least likely person in your office.

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